Penncrest High School Scholarship Foundation
Incorporated 2004



I plan to post the responses to our request for contributions and survey as they arrive along with a few additional comments. The questions we are trying to answer are:

Who should get the scholarship?

What are some of the attributes and accomplishments that we should recognize with the award?

What would make it special and memorable?

1. Someone who has spent time volunteering to help the needy and less fortunate.

2. Any student that who exemplifies the following attributes: school service, top 25% of class, congeniality, need based on parent’s income.

Honor deceased classmates and have a family member make the presentation.

3. Acknowledge leadership, total school participation (sports, clubs, band, etc.) and economic need. Present the award at a special dinner for the recipient and board members.

4. A student in the top 25% of the class who is hard working and successful, but who might not have the resources to afford post secondary education.

5. A student that might not be able to attend college without financial aid.

6. Reward scholarship, community involvement, and a kind and generous heart.

7. No comments.

8. Guidelines need to be written to help those that will request the scholarship, and the committee that will select the recipient. The scholarship should be available to those that will attend a technical college, two year college program, or a four year program.

Create a plaque with the names of the individuals that receive the award from the class of 1963.

9. Give the award to a student that espouses the values of the 60’s. The scholarship presentation should be made at graduation by someone from our class. Place a plaque in the school with the names of the Class of 1963 fund contributors.