Penncrest High School
Class of 1963


Newsletter Number 3

March 1998


WE HAVE A DATE: October 31, 1998

We also have a place-The Towne House in Media. After checking every hotel and resort in the Delaware Valley, we were fortunate to book the Towne House one more time. Apparently, the reputation of the Class of 1963 has faded in the collective Media memories (it certainly has in mine) and we will be welcomed back. Doubtless you have noticed that we will be combining our reunion with a modest Halloween celebration. No one will be expected to come in costume, and we will forgive those that do. It appears that one of our classmates has already decided to dress as an ugly old man, another promises to wear white socks with his ultra- narrow tie, and a woman is contemplating wearing her entire collection of vintage circle pins. At the moment details are being finalized concerning the entertainment, food, and cost. The probable cost will be approximately $65-$75 per person.

We Still Need Help

As we approach the date, we need all the help we can get. If you can spare any time at all to organize, setup, record, phone, write, decorate, coordinate- you name it- we need you badly. Please let Rick or Sandy know that you are available.

Please consider where we go from here. All suggestions are welcome regarding future reunions, and generally staying in touch until the next time.

Do You Remember Me?

How many reunion conversations will begin with the words "do you remember?" I suspect quite a few, and we should be prepared, because we don't. There are, however, solutions, viable alternatives to stave off embarrassment and enable us to converse in confidence. When asked the inevitable awkward question, start to shake your head confidently in the affirmative, and counter with your own "do you remember when" question. Remember to use the head shake method and say nothing that may alert the other party to the fact you are beginning to wonder if you are experiencing a "senior moment." (Try to remember this phrase for the 50th reunion.)

Another approach will be to ask the impolitic inquisitor to repeat the unremembered story for your spouse or guest. You may want to preface this with an appropriate introduction such as "you won't believe this" to reinforce the impression that you do know what the hell he's talking about.

The following list of responses and avoidance techniques are guaranteed to get you through the most difficult encounters, so keep the list handy.

1 The head shake with a counter question.

2. The head shake and a request that the incident be repeated for your spouse.

3. "I don't think that story is suitable for mixed company."

4. "Ever since my illness my memory has been poor."

5. "It took me many years of therapy to forget."

6. "Don't you still owe me some money?"

7. "Ah, I remember. It was December and each dying..."

Now I Remember

At the moment, President Clinton is wondering if high school counts when you are under oath. But perhaps it is all a matter of interpretation and definition. Here is a list of the most confusing terminology:

The 60's must have been a time of innocence because it was another decade before all men became pigs. Who would have thought it would take that long?

A fondle is the technical name for a fondue fork

Passes are to get you into the hall anytime.

Feeling is a song sentiment.

Butts are cigarettes or conjunctions.

Petting is for cats and dogs.

Pinching is stealing.

Gropes are the things you climb in gym.

Some Memories Should be Forgotten

What were they thinking, when I was told I had detentions because my mother cut gym on back-to-school night and was caught smoking in front of the school?

One Review at a Time

You've all been saved. Kathy (my wife) says that book reviews are out of place in a high school newsletter. The review from which you were spared this month was the classic Moby Dick. In school I read the classic comic instead of the book, and believed I knew all that I needed to know about the story. After reading the entire book, my conclusion is that I did. Still, it is an incredible book. My other complication is that after the recent television rendition, no one will ever believe I read the book.

Letter to the Editor

I aspire to the big time journalistic experience of having a Letters to the Editor column, but for now will learn to survive with a single letter. With the fear of never receiving another letter again, I've elected to print this one.

Dear Class of 1963 Editor,

I have a question concerning the upcoming reunion. I found my Class of 1963 Year Book in the attic and looked at my picture from 35 years ago, and I don't believe that I actually ever looked like that. I didn't notice this at the time, but I am now asking for a voluntary recall of the book to allow me to update my portrait. I would also like to restate my favorite phrase, food, and career objective. Do you think this is possible? My lawyer says it definitely is.


Name withheld pending advice of counsel.

Please address your correspondence to me at our web site:

Various Vague and Vogue Venues

I contacted the high school to see if we could use the cafeteria for one of our reunion functions. They told me that it is possible to use the building, but there is a no alcohol rule. First thoughts would indicate we should probably look elsewhere, but maybe not. My guess is that if we hold a function at the school the chaperons will probably be in their early 70's and we could get away with a little booze if we wanted to.

Please Send Pictures

Along with the regular entertainment, we are looking into the possibility of projecting pictures throughout the evening. It's best to send copies, but if that is a problem, we'll be very careful with originals. Please label each item on the back, because if you write all over the front we can't use it.

Speaking of Pictures

In case you've forgotten, 1963 was when the Lava-Lamp was introduced. And on television we watched:

  • 77 Sunset Strip
  • Route 66 Surfside 6
  • Sea Hunt HawaiianEye
  • Bourbon Street Beat
  • The Naked City
  • The Untouchables
  • Man with a Camera
  • Mr. Lucky
  • The Rifleman
  • The Lawless Years
  • Adventures in Paradise
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